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Student Tables

Hide-Away Laptop Table

Hide-Away Laptop Table
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This computer table is very similar to the original Hide-Away LCD table, but has been modified for laptop computers. Computers can be hidden inside of this table when not in use. The storage bay safely holds the laptop in a protective foam insert. Table lid can be locked for added security (optional).


  • When the computer is being used on the tabletop, power and data cables are routed through cable passage notches in the storage bay lid.
  • Since laptops are always plugged into a power supply, there is no need to be concerned about student computers running out of power during class.
  • The Hide-Away laptop table makes the laptop cart obsolete by eliminating the hassle of distributing laptops to students before class.
  • This two-student table fits in a 60”W x 24”D footprint.
  • The Hide-Away laptop table creates a multi-purpose classroom and simplifies classroom scheduling.
  • Multi-purpose computer lab furniture improves classroom utilization.
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